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a few words ABOUT US

Artus started its activity in January 1998, but it was established on the basis of 5 years of previous activity of a similar scope (since 1993). The plant is located in Maciejowice, Garwolin administrative district, and is owned by Leszek Pawlonka. 
A major refurbishment of the plant was carried out in connection with the purchase in 2000 of the previously leased buildings. In 2004, it obtained export rights to the European Union and third countries including (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Albania, Macedonia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and Kosovo) and the right to export beef and offal to Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Ghana. 
In the following years, the plant was enlarged (2006 – slaughter part, in 2009 – cold store, in 2015 – office part). The increased need for premises and the production increasing every year testify to the great interest in our products, which are safe and healthy. The implemented HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) monitors the production process in terms of risks from physical, chemical, and microbiological factors. In addition, we are BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certified. Supervision is also carried out by official veterinarians. 



The purchase offer is dedicated to Polish farmers and producers who particularly care about the quality of their livestock. Most of the livestock that we receive comes from regions located in an ecologically clean area of central Poland and adjacent to the Nadbużański Landscape Park. We source our goods, i.e. beef livestock, from Polish producers. For logistical reasons, it is not possible to purchase such large quantities on our own, so we buy 50 % on site from intermediary suppliers. We also run our own rearing of slaughter cattle by supplying calves to farmers for rearing for a fee. The finished product is beef quarters and is largely sold to European countries such as: Italy, Spain, and Croatia.

In July 2020, we completed an investment of approximately PLN 3,000,000, a modern industrial effluent pre-treatment plant. This is a significant move towards protecting the environment. Next year we also want to upgrade the slaughter line to semi-automatic. We are constantly working to invest and modernise in order to adapt the company to the changing requirements and needs of our customers. Our raw material complies with all applicable norms and standards with regard to quality control, safety, and environmental protection!

 Beef quarters, offal and other
– beef carcass – bull, heifer, cow
– beef front quarter
– beef hind quarter
– flanks
– round
– liver
– heart
– kidneys
– lungs
– hanger steak
– tongue
– tail


Muscle formation according to EUROP European Union Standard
E – excellent
U – very good
R – good
O – fair
P – poor

Fat cover (1-5)
5 – very high
4 – high
3 – average
2 – slight
1 – low

In our cooperation we are guided by honesty and reliability, offering attractive prices and transparent conditions of cooperation.

looking for a JOB?

Artus Maciejowice offers work in the following positions:
-livestock warehouse employee;
-physical worker for work involving the handling of cattle slaughter.

We offer:
– attractive remuneration always on time;
– stable employment under an employment contract;
– group insurance on attractive terms;
– vouchers, Christmas packages, company integration events;
– work from Monday to Friday.

experience in slaughterhouse, meat processing plant or related positions;

Persons without experience are offered training and apprenticeship.

If you are interested, please contact us by calling the following telephone number 25 682 57 91, 
email praca.artus@wp.pl

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,,Artus II’’ Spółka z o.o.

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